About Me

I am a Senior Scientist at IBM Research AI in Zurich and I lead the activities around Efficient NLP for industry-grade applications. We build model architectures optimized for low latency inference.

My passion is providing efficient and cost-effective solutions for complex problems via innovative algorithmic design and highly optimized implementations. I enjoy squeezing instructions in CPU cycles, designing algorithms tailored for specific hardware and be part of hardware software co-design processes.

My experience ranges from low level network programming in the Linux kernel, to high-performance math programming using SIMD instructions, up to designing novel machine learning models. I wrote software to monitor very large scale distributed systems (20k+ nodes).

Some achievements:

  • wrote the timeseries db powering many storage products of IBM (e.g., Storwize or IBM Sonas).
  • designed indexing algorithms that are patented and used in products (see Wikipedia page).
  • 9 granted and 6 pending patents, out of which 9 in the Artificial Intelligence space.
  • 20+ published papers in top conferences in Artificial Intelligence (ACL, IJCAI, EMNLP), databases (VLDB), networking (CCR, IMC).
  • worked on very large scale distributed systems products, such as IBM Sonas, or Endace's monitoring products.
  • contributed to open-source software including the Linux kernel, ntopng, libpcap and wireshark.

You can fetch my curriculum vitae.